Seward AlaskaMarine Industrial Center
Seward Marine Industrial Center

Vessel Storage Repairs and Services
The Seward Marine Industrial Center (SMIC) is located on the eastern side of Resurrection Bay, approximately 6 miles (by road) from the City of Seward, Alaska. The area encompasses 15 square miles along the coast, with direct access to the Gulf of Alaska and the ice-free Port of Seward.

Seward Marine Industrial Center

PO Box 167

Seward , Alaska 99664

Phone: (907) 224-3138

Fax: (907) 224-7187


Office Hours are 8am to 5pm 7 days a week. Channel 17 is monitored 8am to 10pm daily.

The SMIC basin is dredged to an approximate depth of -21 feet MLLW, while the depth adjacent to the North Dock is -25 feet MLLW.

The Seward Marine Industrial Center offers upland storage and maintenance/repair areas for vessels. SMIC also has a 250-ton Marine TraveLift, run by the City of Seward, and a 5,000-ton Syncrolift, privately run by Seward Ship's Drydock. There are several acres of land which are available for lease through the City of Seward. The area is open for business 365 days a year with a range of private businesses available for marine services and supply.

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