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Seward Community Library, the Seward Community Library Association and the Alaska Humanities Forum are working to digitize many of the historic photos housed in the library archives. The main focus of the project is to create easier access while limiting physical handling of the original photos. Currently funds are being provided by the Alaska Humanites Forum to digitize and catalog historic photos from the library and the Resurrection Bay Historical Society Museum to be included in the Alaska Virtual and Digital Archives project. Please visit this site to view the library and museum photos as well as those from the Alaska State Library, University of Alaska, Anchorage and Fairbanks and the Anchorage Museum.

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Rights Statement, Copyright Notice and Disclaimer

The Seward Communty Library Association images on this site may be copied freely (printed or downloaded) by individuals or libraries for personal study or research and for classroom teaching without prior permission. Any “fair use” as defined by copyright laws is acceptable.

Permission to reproduce these images in any form other than the above must be obtained in writing from the Seward Community Library. This includes electronic or paper publishing, posting to a Web site, video production, exhibits, product presentations, interior design, advertising, or similar commercial activities. Please apply to the Seward Community Library for reproduction prices, availability of high resolution digital images, and further use guidelines. Telephone and mailing information are available at the bottom of this page.

Whenever possible, the Library provides information about copyright owners and other restrictions as a service to aid patrons in determining the appropriate use of an image, but that determination ultimately rests with the patron, who must assume all responsibility for questions of legal authorship rights and/or copyright infringement and invasion of privacy that may arise in the use of the reproduction.

Conditions of Use

The source of each image must be fully and properly credited as follows:

Photo by [photographer]: Seward Community Library Association/collection name/identifier/URL

No images may be sold, in whole or in part, either as a single image or as part of any work, for any reason without written permission from the Seward Community Library Association. This applies to profit and/or not for profit entities.

The items may not be manipulated, altered, superimposed, digitally enhanced, transposed or cropped in any way that changes the meaning or context of the image or compromises its authenticity as an historical document.

The images must be kept within their historical context and not misrepresented so as to falsify the information they present.

Reproductions of materials on this Web site may not be made for or donated to other repositories, nor may they be further reproduced without permission from the Seward Community Library Association.

Note: The nature of historical archival collections means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine. The Seward Community Library is eager to hear from any copyright owners who are not properly identified so that appropriate information may be provided in the future.

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Reproduction and Copyright.

Under copyright law, unless you are given permission to use or copy a work for a particular purpose, you may NOT copy the work, even if it is easy to do so. More information on U.S. Copyright is available at web sites such as U. S. Copyright Office and Copyright and Fair Use, Stanford University Libraries .