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61) Maps Collection – 1 box

Contains aueronautical maps of various areas of Alaska and Washington including, Kodiak, Wrangell Mts, and various islands in the Aleutian chain.

62) San Chat Collection – 1 box

Contains issues of “San Chat,” published by the Seward Sanitarium following its fight agains tuberculosis.

63) Seward's Folly Collection – 1 box

Contains issues of “Seward's Folly,” the high school newspaper.

64) Microfilm Collection – 4 boxes

Contains publications on microfilm. Contents include copies from various years of these publications: Seward Gateway, Seward Tribune, Alaska Evening Post, Alaska Weekly Post, Seward Polaris, Seward Advertising Bulletin, Peticoat Gazette, and the Seward Phoenix Log.

65) Seward Government Papers Collection - 1 box

Contains booklets and files on governing Seward, vital statistics for the state during various years, and an assessment of water facilities and a hospital. Pertains to Seward, AK and AK in general.

66) Historic Magazine Collection – 1 box

Contains publications pertinent to Alaska. Includes issues from various years of General Alaska Information, the Alaska Highway, Alaska Yukon Magazine, Alaska Historical Museum, Book of Totems and Indians, The Alaskan King Crab, Pioneer Thanksgiving, Alaska Life, Alaska Magazine, Alaska Sportsman, and Seward Magazine.

67) Seward City Oversize Maps – 1 box

Contains maps of Seward displaying areas like the cemetary, road layouts for downtown, and the small boat harbor. Also includes papers from Vlad Shkurkin about fire insurance maps.

68) AK Statehood Newspaper Collection – 1 box

Contains newspapers that document Alaska's statehood, constitution, and general beginings as part of the US. Included papers are mostly from the Anchorage Daily Times.

69) Yearbook Collection

Contains yearbooks from Seward High School, Seward Junior High, Seward Middle School, and Seward Elementary. Years span from the 1930s to the 2000s.

70) Amy Mow Research Collection – 1 box

Contains compiled research materials for Any Mow's book Snapshots of Seward: A History in Photos. Materials include her notes and outlines, photographs of Seward and residents, photocopied material on the Jesse Lee, and correspondence between the researcher and her material donors.