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51) 1 album, 1 file

Contains photographs of Seward and surrounding areas. Subjects include Mt. Marathon race, Episcopal church, outdoor activities, and high school aged children during activities.

52) Swetmann Scholarship Collection – 2 boxes, 1 file

Contains reports written by High School students covering topics related to Seward. Includes photos, videos, cassette tapes, CD's, and art projects.

53) Seward All-American City Collection – 1 box

Contains paper materials pertaining to the naming of Seward as an All American City. Materials include news-clippings, magazines, pamphlets, transcript of the address of the members of the award comitte, and a flag.

54) Seward Resident Collection – 1 box

Contains paper items pertaining to Seward residents, such as Herman Leir or more recent Dot Bardarson and Mitch Seavy. Contents include obituaries, personal accounts / stories, cassette tapes and pamphlets.

55) Centennial Collection – 1 box

Contains photographs, paper materials such as newspaper clippings, and a CD. Subjects include written accounts, family history, photos 4th of July and Seward residents.

56) Seward Silver Salmon Derby Collection – 1 file

Contains paper materials pertaining to the Derby. Includes committee minutes and information for business, advertisements, and brochures.

57) Mount Marathon Race Collection – 1 box

Contains paper materials generated from and about the race from 1959-1992. Includes newspaper articles, informative fliers, programs, rules and regulations, and some photographs.

58) Student Paper Collection – 1 box

Contains reports generated by Doug Capra's high school and adult classes in Alaska history. Topics include subjects pertinent to Seward history.

59) Photo Negative Collection – 2 boxes

Contains negatives from the Sylvia Sexton Collection, Miscellaneous Collection, and Elsie Blue Collection.

60) Nebraska-Seward-Alaska Collection – 1 box

Contains mostly paper items from Seward, NE including books, newspaper clippings, and some photos. Also includes items from a trip taken to Seward, NE by Seward, AK residents.