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41) Harry Johnson Collection – 1 album

Contains color slides portraying scenes from around Alaska. Subjects include native animals, scenes, and activities, such as fishing, as well as a photo of Johnson.

42) Natural History Photos – 1 album

Contains natural history themed color slides. Subjects include birds of North America, Alaskan flora, fauna, and scenery, as well as “Along the Alaskan Highway”.

43) Seward 75th Anniversary Celebration – 1 album, 1 box

Contains photographs of event, dedications, documents related to planning organized by the diamond Jubilee Commission, and memorabilia from the event.

45) Benny Benson / Alaska Flag Collection – 1 album

Contains correspondence to Benny Benson informing him that his design won, as well as congratulatory letters.

46) Barbara Shea Collection – 3 boxes

Contains photographs depicting family life, Alaskan scenery and activities. Also includes a large collection of paperwork from the Resurrection Bay Lumber company, such as shipping orders, receipts, time sheets, etc.

47) Geo Martin Collection- 1 box

Contains photo album of photos taken in Seward and other places around AK. Subjects include 4th of July Parade, houses, animals, and scenery.

48) Barbara “Barbie” Gardiner Album – 1 box

Contains photos taken in Ketchican, Skagway, and Anchorage. Most depict Barbara as a child, with friends, or in school groups.

49) Marjorie Malcom Photo Album – 1 box

Contains photos taken in Seward and Washington. Subjects include Marjorie, friends and family, clippings from newspapers, and Kenai Lake.

50) Cassette Tapes Collection – 1 box

Contains cassette recordings on various subjects about Alaska, including recordings to accompany slide shows and interviews with local residents.