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1) Sylvia Sexton Collection – 12 albums

Contains photographs and post cards of broad subject matter pertinent to 1900-1950 Alaskan peoples and communities, such as scenery of multiple towns (including Seward), hunting, boating, wildlife, portraits, the Railroad, etc.

2) James Marshall Collection – 1 album

Contains photographs taken in Southeastern Alaska of 19th century Native housing, artifacts, villages and scenery.

3) Roth / Rychter Collection – 1 album

Contains photographs of a fire in downtown Seward, AK during the winter of 1941

4) Stauter / Mongin Collection – 1 album

Contains photographs and a few post cards of Seward, AK and surrounding areas during the 1900's to 1915. Includes an in depth look at Holland house and Millionaire's Row on top of the usual landscapes, hunting scenes, towns people, etc.

5) Standard Oil Collection – 1 album

Mostly contains photographs of Standard Oil Company's yard, dock and barrels during the mid 1920's.

6) O. E. Darling Collection – 1 album

Contains photographs of scenery in and around Seward, AK, as well as photos of several churches, Jesse Lee Home, Seward High School, and Millionaire's Row dating back to the late 1960's.

7) Jesse Lee Collection – 1 album, 1 file

Contains photographs of the Jesse Lee Home during the 40's and 50's, as well as during the 70's, when the Home eventually fell into disrepair. Includes slides and a folder containing a 1957 newsletter, 1981 photo copied article, 2003 monument report, and an empty photo album.

8) Seward Community Library Collection – 1 album, 1 box

Contains photographs, slides, scrapbooks, newspaper articles, editions of the Petticoat Gazette, cd's, a reel of the library dedication, and even an heirloom quilt, with some items dating back to the 1930s. All medias pertain to the Seward Library and library events, staff, and publications, including continued growth through 2010.

9) Miscellaneous Collection – 1 box

Contains photographs and postcards of Seward and surrounding areas, including some of Fort Raymond, Seward-Anchorage Highway opening ceremonies. Also includes paper materials related to Alaskan organizations (some in Seward), such as steamship companies and 267th Separate Cost Artillery Battalion.

10) Earthquake 1964 Collection – 1 album, 1 box

Contains photographs, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, video cassettes, personal accounts, letters, bulletins, and slides of effects and damage caused by the earthquake in Seward, Anchorage, and Whittier.