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National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places

Tour of National Register Historic Places in Seward


National Register Historic Places in Seward

  • Jesse Lee Home
  • Ballaine House
  • Lowell Creek Diversion Tunnel
  • St. Peter's Church
  • Seward Depot
  • US Cable Office
  • Swetman House
  • Van Gilder Hotel
  • Brown and Hawkins Store

    437 Third Avenue

    The Ballaine House is named after its original owner Frank L. Ballaine. Frank was the brother of John Ballaine who is considered to be Seward’s Founding Father. The Ballaines along with other influential businessmen organized the company known as the Alaska Central Railway. Their goal was to build a railroad from Resurrection Bay to Fairbanks. In 1902, the route was surveyed and the following year the company landed a group of settlers and workers at the town site, which would later become known as Seward. John Ballaine filled for and obtained a patent on most of the land in the town site area. While John Balliane was primarily concerned with railroad construction matters, Frank Ballaine was charged with the sale of individual lots within the town sites. Frank Ballaine arrived in Seward in March of 1905. Construction on his house was started soon afterward and was completed that same year.

    The Alaska central Railway went bankrupt in 1907. Approximately 70 miles of track had been laid. The US government bought the railway and build what is known as the Alaska Railroad today. The original route planned and laid out by Ballaine and his partners was used.

    In addition to being involved in real estate, Frank Ballaine also founded the town’s first newspaper, the Seward Gateway. Old newspapers continue to be one of our most important sources of information about life in early Alaska.

    The Ballaine House has been continuously occupied for 95 years. It is in very good condition appearing today very much as it did when constructed. Some minor exterior modifications include the addition of a garage and dormer windows on the north side of the roof. New siding covers the stucco siding that covers the original wood siding.

    Today the Ballaine House provides quality lodging in an historic atmosphere as a bed and breakfast.